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Consumers have a lot more choices now than a few years ago, but partly because sustainable flooring has evolved so quickly, selecting the best types for your business and home and getting them installed properly can prove challenging.


Green Flooring has many sustainable benefits.   Not only can it keep previously used flooring product out of a landfill, it can also reduce pollution during manufacturing and help improve indoor air quality. 

Today’s sustainable flooring can be subtle, practical and reasonably priced.


Almost all manufacturers offer eco friendly solutions, whether through technological advances in traditional flooring products or the more tried and true products like bamboo and cork.


• Enhance & protect biodiversity & ecosystems

• Improve air and water quality

• Reduce waste streams

• Conserve and restore natural resources


• Reduce operating costs

• Create, expand, and shape markets for green product and services


• Improve occupant productivity


• Optimize life-cycle economic performance


• Enhance occupant comfort and health

• Heighten aesthetic qualities


• Minimize strain on local infrastructure


• Improve overall quality of life


Music City Floors promotes sustainable business practices throughout its organization by taking a holistic approach to the environment and our goal of sustainability. Our membership in the Fuse Commercial Flooring Alliance gives us access to the Ecollect™ program, which helps everyone involved with a flooring project achieve a more sustainable solution.

Methods to reduce and eliminate waste and other non-value added processes that impact our environment are considered throughout all projects. First, by selecting products from responsible manufacturers who create sustainable products and mandate environmentally responsible manufacturing practices. Second, partnering with key manufacturers allows us the ability to offer the widest range of environmentally responsible products. These relationships allow us to participate in the product design process and evaluate the environmental impact of products beyond manufacturing.

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